New British Herbs Chairman states his chief goals

Written by Tim Mudge
New British Herbs Chairman states his chief goals

The new chairman of British Herbs has arrived in the role declaring his intention to oversee better promotion of the product.

Charles Seddon, of CN Seeds, highlighted the issues facing the industry when he was elected as chairman at the body's recent conference.

After thanking outgoing chairman Nigel Stangroom for his contribution, Seddon emphasised that although demand for fresh herbs continues to grow, there are significant challenges ahead for the industry.

He said: “Retail price pressure from the prevailing market conditions combined with increasing costs will squeeze profit margins even further, and therefore as an association we will need to work together not only to promote the sector, but also to share information better.

"There is clearly a need to identify problems more quickly, and also to put a value on the threats and opportunities facing growers in order to justify targeted research through the vehicle of AHDB.”

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